Eight Random Fact About Me

Courtesy of Cannwin (but I think I will forbear tagging 8 other people, since I don't know that many bloggers that well. Feel free to jump in if you are interested, though!)

1. I have a case of mason jars filled with applesauce and another case of jars filled with spiced apple rings, sitting on the floor next to the loveseat. They have been there probably over two weeks, but I'm trying not to think about that. I need to take them to the basement, but they are heavy, and I keep putting it off.

2. I am very good at procrastinating.

3. Case in point: I put off going to the store Saturday until I was almost too tired to care about the fact we needed eggs and milk, among other things. I hate shopping on Saturday because it's so crowded. I like to shop during the times the store is likely to be fairly empty.

4. I like being a stay at home mother because it lets me arrange my schedule so that I can do things like avoid the stores when everyone else is there.

5. The biggest factor in favor of home schooling, as I see it, is that I could arrange my whole family's life so that we could do everything when no-one else is. Sightsee in one of the Big Cities near us, travel to visit family, go to the library or the park.

6. The truth is, I'm just an antisocial hermit.

7. No, really, I am. I think it's part of the whole too-shy-to-say-hi-to-a-friend-in-the-street thing that I have going on. My personal hell would be being famous and having complete strangers walk up to me in the street, saying, "Wow! I know who you are!" And then I would have to be friendly and say, "Hi!" and pretend that I wouldn't really rather melt into the nearest wall to hide my shy self.*

8. Long hair is really good for hiding from the world, if you wear it down around your face. You can pretend other people can't see you if you can't see them.** Unfortunately, I am officially too old for long hair anymore. It accentuates all the recently developed downward drooping lines in my face and makes me look older than I think is fair. So I now have a short I-am-a-middle-aged-woman haircut, which looks OK on me. I guess. I miss having long hair, though.

*Heaven, on the other hand, would ideally consist of getting to hang out with the people I know and love, in a big, quiet room, with lots of books and interesting conversation. Kind of like an unofficial family reunion.

**AKA "magical thinking".